Since its premiere at The Glimmerglass Festival in 2015, Odyssey has brought Homer’s epic tale to life for young performers and audience members across the country. The hour-long opera features rollicking choruses, tender ballads, a tango, and a Siren song that conveys“a sense of ageless, timeless beauty” (Opera News). 

 running time: approximately 50 minutes

for 2 adults and 16 or more young people

solo roles

  • Bard 1 (adult baritone: D3 to F4)

  • Bard 2/Siren (adult soprano: D4 to C6)

  • Penelope (young soprano/mezzo: A3 to F5)

  • Odysseus (young lyric baritone/ tenor: C3 to E4, opt. F4/G4)

  • Athena (young soprano/mezzo: D4 to F5, opt. A3)

  • First Mate (young lyric baritone/tenor: Bb2 to F4)

  • Circe (young mezzo: Bb3 to F5)

  • various other small solo roles emerge from chorus

instrumental forces (three versions available)

  • Piano/vocal only

  • Chamber ensemble: piano, percussion, cello, flute/clarinet

  • Small orchestra: 1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 bassoon, percussion (1 player), timpani (1 player, 2 drums), 1 piano, strings (3-2-2-2-1).

The Glimmerglass Festival, 2015 (world premiere)

David Moody, conductor; Francesca Zambello, director; Eric Sean Fogel, choreographer; Ryan McGettigan, scenery; Erik Reagan Teague, costumes; Peter Mitchell, lighting (production available for rental)

Young People's Chorus of New York City (YPC) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2017

Francisco Nunez, conductor; Eric Sean Fogel, director and choreographer; S. Katy Tucker, scenery and projections; Sophie Schneider, costumes; Peter Mitchell, lighting

Minnesota Opera, 2018

Matthew Abernathy, conductor; Lindsey Samples, director; Sarah Brandner, scenic coordinator; Ray Steveson, lighting designer; Samantha Haddow, costume coordinator; Jenn Maatman, properties master

The Glimmerglass Festival, 2018 

Aurelia Andrews, conductor; Francesca Zambello, director;  Ryan McGettigan, scenery; Erik Reagan Teague, costumes; Peter Mitchell, lighting

Coral Reef Cuda Chorus, 2018

Shanpatrick Davis, artistic director and music director; Laura Plyer, choreographer and staging director; Michael Harris, co-music director

Seattle Opera, 2019

Becca Cantrell, music director/conductor; Harry Jamieson, stage director; Miriam Anderson, associate music director; Sapphire Goetz, choreographer; Ta Wei Tsai, pianist; Thorn Michaels; lighting designer; AliRose Panzarella, costume designer; Julia Hayes Welch, scenic designer

Walnut Hill School for the Arts, 2019