"This modern opera...is leading the charge toward a modern opera renaissance and to a political revolution. As Marion, I played a fierce, sassy, fiery, empowered, battle ready woman. It was a privilege to play a female character who was comfortable in herself and was willing to take charge. A woman who was respected for her braveness and intelligence. Her boldness was such a beautiful juxtaposition with Robin, that somewhat shy, passive leader, but together they learned to bring peace to their land and their people.”

- Mia Falcone, Marion, Seattle Opera, 2018

The Glimmerglass Festival, 2017 (world premiere)

David Moody, conductor; Francesca Zambello, director; Eric Sean Fogel, choreographer; Ryan McGettigan, scenery; Erik Reagan Teague, costumes; Peter Mitchell, lighting (production available for rental)


Seattle Opera, 2018

Meg Stohlmann, conductor; Kelly Kitchens, director; Nicole Sonbert, youth programs manager; Andrea Bush, scenic designer; Thorn Michaels, lighting designer; AliRose Panzarella, costume designer


HGOco, Houston Grand Opera’s Education & Community Initiative, 2018

Sahar Nouri, music director / conductor; Carleen Graham and Dennis Arrowsmith, stage directors




When the law of the land is corrupt, what’s an honest citizen to do? In the absence of the King, the Sheriff has seized the country’s assets for himself. Robin Hood flees to his beloved Sherwood Forest, where he finds himself leading a band of ordinary folks to create a new kind of society, much to the dismay of the Sheriff and his comically incompetent quintet of deputies. Ultimately a sensitive soul, Robin struggles with the role that has been thrust upon him. Can he be a leader without being a fighter? Will he ever gain the respect of Marion, his second-in-command?  And when the King does return, will Robin and his friends be seen as heroes or outlaws? Through a series of adventures—triumphant, comic, romantic, dangerous—Robin learns to follow the voice of his heart.


running time: 55 minutes

for 2 adults and 16 or more young people

solo roles

  • Sheriff: adult bass-baritone: G2 to Eb4

  • Scarlet: adult mezzo or soprano: D4 to G5

  • Robin Hood: young lyric baritone or tenor: D3 to F4

  • Marion : young soprano or mezzo: A3 to F5

  • Scout: young medium voice: B3 to F5 (female) or B2 to F4 (male)

  • Ronnie the Riveter: young low to medium voice: D3 to C4 (male) or D4 to C5 (female)

  • Jackie the Janitor: young medium voice: C4 to E5 (female) or C3 to E4

  • Sam the Scribe: young medium voice: C4 to E5 (female) or C3 to E4

  • Jo the Jailor: young medium voice: C4 to E5 (female) or C3 to E4

  • King Richard: young baritone: C3 to D4

instrumental forces (two versions available):

  • piano/vocal

  • chamber ensemble (commissioned by Seattle Opera): piano, flute/clarinet, cello, bass, percussion