Synopsis: Robin Hood

By Ben Moore and Kelley Rourke

The Sheriff, backed by his deputies, proclaims his dominion over the land, which he sees as a valuable resource to be exploited (“Law and Order”). When he hears rumors of a rebel living in the forest, a man who rejects his laws, he commands his deputies to “find that Hood and drive him out.”

Robin Hood sings of his desire to leave the Sheriff’s version of “civilization” behind (“A hummingbird’s life would suit me fine”). Scarlet, a mysterious bird-like creature, appears to Robin and encourages him to step up to head the resistance (“Lead with Love”).

One by one, disgruntled citizens appear, singing of the Sheriff’s injustices (“The Sheriff passed a law”). Marion whips up the crowd (“I Say”) and their anger builds, threatening to turn violent. Robin, remembering Scarlet’s message to him, encourages the people to band together to create a new kind of order (“Now Is the Time”).

Ronnie and Jackie, two of the Sheriff’s deputies, come upon Robin, alone. In the comical fight sequence that follows, Robin never throws a punch, but the two deputies, by sheer ineptitude, manage to knock each other out. The Merry Band appears (“Home in the Wilderness”). With Robin and Marion, they provide alternatives to the facts the deputies have learned from the Sheriff (“Under Good King Richard”). Moved, the deputies pledge allegiance to the Merry Band, not realizing that Scout, another of the Sheriff’s deputies, is spying nearby.

The Sheriff is furious to hear of Ronnie and Jackie’s desertion, and even more furious that Robin continues to evade him. To draw him out, the Sheriff plans an archery contest. Although none of the Sheriff’s crew has seen Robin, the Sheriff is sure he’ll know him on sight. Robin and Marion, coming upon a notice for the contest, each try to convince the other to join (“No, You”). As they sing, their shy admiration for each other becomes apparent.

The Sheriff rigs the archery contest, but Robin easily wins and escapes with the bag of gold; only after he has fled does the Sheriff realize he’s been foiled again (“I Curse the Day”). Robin, flush with victory, temporarily loses sight of his goal and must be reminded by Scarlet (“In the Middle of It All”). But before Robin knows what has happened, he is jumped by three deputies; Marion attempts to help, but this time the deputies get the upper hand and tie them up. When the Deputies go to find the Sheriff, Robin and Marion confess what is in their hearts (“Different”). Before the Deputies return, the Merry Band appears and rescues them (“Now Is the Time” - reprise)

The King returns (“When the King Takes the Crown”) and has a chance encounter with Robin in his beloved woods; each recognizes a kindred spirit, though neither of them realizes who the other is at first. The Sheriff stumbles in and tries to reframe the situation for the King, to no avail. However, encouraged by Robin and the Merry Band, the King forgives the Sheriff, who sees the error of his ways (“Now Is the Time” – reprise).